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#4 / 2013

General Problems of Pedagogy

  • S.N. Begidova, S.A. Khazova, V.S. Begidov
    Personal qualities of the competitive social worker

    The paper discusses the training of the competitive personality of the social worker. Competitiveness is now used to refer to the socially focused system of abilities, properties and qualities. The authors of this publication distinguish determinants of the competitive personality of the social worker which include both social and professionally significant personal qualities. These qualities provide the professional growth and a demand of the expert not only in Russian, but also in the international labor market.

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  • I.V. Wagner
    Social and pedagogical design of educational process in modern Russia

    The paper discloses the tendencies and contradictions in development of the theory and practice of design of educational process in modern Russia. The author presents approaches to form general national strategy of the development of education, to develop programs in education in order to realize the federal state educational standards and to organize project activities of children as the form of social initiatives.

    pdf wagner2013_4.pdf  (648 Kb)

  • E.V. Demkina, S.N. Begidova
    Results of research on installations, thinking and behaviour stereotypes of russian modern students

    This work, on the basis of the definition of the concept “mentality”, gives a complete analysis of such component of mentality of modern students as installations, thinking and behavior stereotypes. The conclusions presented are a result of the empirical researches conducted by using the author’s technique of definition of students’ mentality.

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  • B.K. Dzhabatyrova, M.Sh. Daurova
    Innovative educational process as basis of pedagogical integration

    An analysis is made of the concepts of ‘innovation”, “innovative process”, “innovative educational process”, “innovative activity of the teacher” and “continuous education”. The provided content analysis of definitions and structure of innovative processes as a whole, as well as of models of realization of innovative educational processes and innovative activity of the teacher allowed the authors to define innovative educational process as a methodological basis of a pedagogical intergration.

    pdf dzhabatyrova2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.A. Karaseva
    A model of formation in students of readiness for self-presentation activity

    An analysis is made of the concepts of “self-presentation” and “self-presentation activity”. The author gives the definition and discloses the essence of the concept “readiness for self-presentation activity” and presents didactic means and formation stages of readiness of students for self-presentation activity. Experimental educational process is uncovered through the content of three stages: educational - theoretical, educational – practical and practical. Didactic means to solve the forming tasks are shown in a context of the content of the above-mentioned stages. Methodical (means, methods, forms of the organization of education) and technological (stages, algorithm) bases of formation of readiness of the personality for self-presentation activity are proved. The work provides the developed model of formation of readiness of students for self-presentation activity and results of experimental approbation of the model testifying to its efficiency.

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  • A.V. Lysenko
    Structural components of professional value orientations of the future music teacher

    The paper discusses the value orientations of future music teachers at the present stage of development of education. The work gives the characteristic of three interlinked components, which constitute the structure of professional value orientations of future music teacher: cognitive, emotional-sensitive and meaning-purpose. These components, in the author's opinion, most fully reveal the specificity of the profession of music teacher and contribute to his further professional self-improvement and personal growth.

    pdf lysenko2013_4.pdf  (864 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova
    Future teacher training to actualization of pupils’ knowledge as to means of operational feedback

    The paper substantiates the interrelation of pedagogical culture and readiness of the teacher to actualize knowledge of trainees. The author discloses the essence of the concepts of “operational feedback” and “actualization”, as well as interrelation of cybernetic and pedagogical essence of feedback. The work proposes pedagogical conditions of future teacher training to actualization of knowledge of trainees as to means of operational feedback. Distinctive characteristics are given of question-answer form of knowledge control traditionally used for feedback and involvement of trainees in actualization of earlier acquired knowledge and skills of pupils.

    pdf meretukova2013_4.pdf  (955 Kb)

  • N.P. Ocheret, Zh.I. Shorova
    Integrated approach in realization of competent model of chemistry and biology teachers training

    The paper deals with the possibility of realization of competence-based model of specialist training with the use of integrative technologies on the example of studying chemical and biological disciplines. The authors show that the integrated technologies are most optimal for formation of professional competences at trainees: communicative, educational, research, information etc. Efficiency of realization of integrative technologies is proved on the example of study of the course “Hydrochemical Monitoring of Water Objects in the Adyghea Republic”.

    pdf ocheret2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.D. Skudnova
    Development of acmeological culture in subjects of psychological and pedagogical education

    This paper presents the results of theoretical studies and practical implementation of acmeological approach to psycho-pedagogical education. The author formulates the primary problems of psycho-pedagogical education, shows the role which elective courses (“Pedagogical Acmeology”, etc.) play in shaping the acmeological culture of social-sphere experts at higher institution and presents an acmeological model of specialists training. The work illustrates the key principles for its implementation in the pedagogical process. Acmeological technologies, that enable the efficient development of acmeological culture in the educational space of the university, are examined. The interaction of the teacher and the student is understood as acmeological support in the development of acmeological culture.

    pdf skudnova2013_4.pdf  (635 Kb)

  • F.P. Khakunova, M.E. Paatova
    Theoretical bases of correction of social personal viability of teenagers-deviants on the basis of the rehabilitation educational situation

    The paper discusses the correction of social and personal viability of teenagers-deviants in a context of personal approach on the basis of a rehabilitation educational situation. The authors disclose intrinsic characteristics of the concepts of “social and personal viability” and “rehabilitation educational situation”, providing an author's view on this problem. The classification of rehabilitation educational situations, related to teenagers-deviants in accordance with the age characteristics, is presented.

    pdf khakunova2013_4.pdf  (922 Kb)

  • R.D. Khunagov
    Regional universities as centers of development of intellectual potential of the population and gifted children and youth

    The paper discusses the structure and components of intellectual capacity of the region and substantiates the role which universities play in development of this potential. Leading ideas of a developing regional system are shown.

    pdf khunagov2_2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies

  • Z.R. Khachmafova
    The conceptual analysis of the fiction in the course of training to cross-cultural communication in higher education institution

    The paper shows that the understanding of the nature of the fiction as means of speech generation and concept realization is based on one of the main points of cognitive linguistics: understanding of the text as the two-uniform generation/perception process. The concept is a basic category in research of the author's individual language picture of the world of the fiction.

    pdf khachmafova1_2013_4.pdf  (948 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    Correlation of contacting languages in educational process in modern conditions of the national-russian bilingualism

    The paper explores interaction of contacting languages and a place of each of them in educational process at national school of the Russian Federation. In studying this problem, first of all it is necessary to proceed from character of a bilingualism.

    pdf shkhapatseva1_2013_4.pdf  (710 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology

  • S.M. Akhmetov, G.B. Gorskaya, Yu.K. Chernyshenko
    Early professionalizing the gifted children: development resource or source of disharmonies

    The paper discusses the results of empirical researches of positive and negative influences of early professionalizing on personal and intellectual development of gifted children. The theoretical bases are given for forecasting the effects of early professionalizing. The data are stated confirming the assumption that nature of influence of early professionalizing on personal and intellectual development depends on how much activity of future professionals supports the main line of standard mental development at a certain stage of ontogenesis.

    pdf akhmetov2013_4.pdf  (948 Kb)

  • V.E. Kuroñhkina, A.I. Sergun
    Personality characteristics of logistics managers with different levels of professional success

    The paper describes the results of theoretical and empirical studies of personality characteristics of logistics managers with different levels of professional success. The theoretical study examines approaches to understanding and a wide range of areas of logistic activities and specifies the concept and criteria for professional success of logistics managers. The empirical research shows that professionally successful logistics managers are more inclined to experiment. They are emotionally stable and normative. They are characterized by self-control of behavior and, in general, by higher rates of behavioral regulation and personal adaptive capacity. They are also more sociable, dominant and socially bold, have a higher communicative potential compared to professionally unsuccessful logistics managers. It is concluded that the results of research have a practical relevance, in particular, in the processes of selection, assessment, training and development of logistics managers.

    pdf kurochkina2013_4.pdf  (746 Kb)

  • E.A. Makarova, F.P. Khakunova, E.L. Makarova
    Role of individual learning trajectories in development of non-threatening teaching and learning environment

    The article considers a modular principle of designing individual educational paths for learners in terms of differentiated learning. It also presents the peculiarities of their construction and didactic design.

    pdf makarova2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • I.K. Silenok
    Characteristic of teenager's posttraumatic syndrome

    In this paper, the author discloses the concept and phenomenon of posttraumatic syndrome on the basis of literary data analysis. The posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is formed at a person if in a stressful situation he turns to be helpless, if he does not cope with a stressful situation and if he does not get support and help from outside. The purpose of this study is to make a system analysis of understanding of the PTSD nature and to construct adequate practice of its correction. The author investigates and identifies general and specific features of teenager's PTSD, examines various causes and factors of PTSD and shows its main negative effect expressed in violation of the mechanisms of socialization, which is very important for teenagers. First of all, it concerns a violation of interest, motivation and competence in the field of teenager's social contacts.

    pdf silenok2013_4.pdf  (944 Kb)

  • E.V. Kharitonova
    Individual typological features of the personality with different styles of social professional demand

    The paper describes the results of empirical research of individual typological features of the personality with different styles of a social professional demand. The author shows specificity of individual typological characteristics of the personality with different styles of a social professional demand, as well as intra-level distinctions of personal characteristics of respondents for two allocated periods of professional genesis of social professional demand of the personality.

    pdf kharitonova2013_4.pdf  (777 Kb)

  • T.A. Chugaeva
    Motivational components of professionalizing the notary

    The paper proves the presence of contradiction between the own career orientations of the subject of notarial activity, on the one hand, and socially declared priorities, on the other hand. Notaries are characterized by high level of expressiveness of the motivations related to ensuring stable place of work, service and integration of lifestyles. Some differentiating indicators of career orientations in subjects with the different age and professional status are allocated: trainees show orientation to management and the majority of the young specialists realizing themselves in notarial activity, orientation to stable place of work. A conclusion is drawn that it is necessary to make a profound analysis of motivational preconditions of a choice of notarial activity and professional adaptation at stages of career development.

    pdf chugaeva2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • E.V. Shkolyar
    Assessment of psychological readiness of experts from quick rescue service of civil protection using the method of hierarchy analysis

    The paper considers the mechanism of level assessment of psychological readiness of experts from a quick rescue service of civil protection as one of the examples to use an expert method of hierarchy analysis. The procedure is proved and the results of the conducted research are presented.

    pdf shkolyar2013_4.pdf  (853 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko
    Modern theoretical and methodological approaches to research of the organizational stress

    The paper examines the main modern concepts of a professional stress and defines the concept of an organizational stress and methodological approaches to its researches. The organizational stress is a specific version of a professional stress. It has system character since it affects all horizontal and vertical structures and organization levels. It has own system of determinations, the main place among which is occupied by internal (directly organizational) and external (macroenvironmental) factors. The conclusion is drawn that identification of the psychological reasons and conditions of an organizational stress in real production structure demands the system analysis at micro-, meso- and macro-level of existence of the organization.

    pdf yasko2013_4.pdf  (650 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports

  • S.-A.M. Aslakhanov
    Development concept of system of physical training of ethnic representatives on the basis of the ethnos principal values

    This work was written using the results of the author’s scientific research and on the basis of many-year experience in system of the general secondary and higher education. The paper describes the conceptual approaches, pedagogical bases and technologies of realization of educational potential of ethnological physical culture in modern practice of the general secondary and professional sports education.

    pdf aslakhanov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • A.G. Barabanov, D.S. Semenov, R.O. Shinyack
    The influence of positive career orientations and communicative competence on professional success of sports managers with different professional qualification

    This study was conducted in the Krasnodar region, Russia. In the course of study, career orientations and communicative competence of sports managers with different levels of professional success were examined. There were significant statistical differences and relationships on this issue. This paper is important in the development of sport psychology and can serve as the basis for sports managers training in universities. Also it is possible to develop on its basis a set of measures to improve efficiency of work of already trained professionals.

    pdf barabanov2013_4.pdf  (854 Kb)

  • A.B. Bguashev, E.G. Verzhbitskaya, V.I. Zhukov
    Creation of conditions for adaptation of students of sports profile of preparation through the health saving organization of training process in higher education institution

    The paper discusses staff activities at the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of the Adyghe State University on creation of conditions for student adaptation on the basis of the health saving organization of teaching, educational and training processes focused on overcoming the main problems and difficulties, arising at the initial stage of training in higher education institution.

    pdf bguashev2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • T.V. Levchenkova
    Technology of conducting exercise classes in the children's fitness program with toddlers

    The paper describes some aspects of therapeutic (fitness) classes with toddlers aged 8 months to 3 years old. The structure and content of the classes take into account the features of sensory-motor and speech development of toddlers, as well as the organization of their motor activities.

    pdf levchenkova2013_4.pdf  (627 Kb)

  • R.R. Magomedov, V.N. Zinenko
    Study of the efficiency of functioning of the physical culture component in educational space of Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education

    The paper deals with the questions related to renovation of training process technology in Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education. This is connected with a change of the contemporary paradigm of educational process, caused by a change of the object of instruction. Specialist was substituted for the bachelor to form the effective educational space of the physical culture of students. The authors provide the results of pedagogical study showing the efficiency of functioning of the physical culture component in different forms of physical training as the important means of health saving. Computer technologies are the effective means, which facilitate an increase in the cognitive activity of students and the development in them of intellectual abilities. A study made it possible to determine the special features of shaping the effective educational space of the physical culture of the students at Agro-Engineering Institute of Higher Education.

    pdf magomedov2013_4.pdf  (1 Mb)

  • S.T. Shcherbina
    Personal physical culture of parents and children’s health in their first year of life

    One of the main directions of a state policy in the field of ensuring national security is public health care. The adverse demographic situation in Russia not only aggravates problems of accruing deterioration of health of children, but also puts it in a row of national priorities. In these conditions special significance is attached to quality of health of children of the first year of the life whose organism is especially sensitive to influence of adverse factors of the environment. It is known that 40% of diseases at adults were “initiated” at children's age. For this reason physical training has to form high level of health of the child and the base of physical culture of the future adult. Owing to features of physical training of children of this age the main loading is laid down on parents. That is, high level of the personal physical culture of parents will allow them to provide formation of children’s health. At the same time, the technology of assignment by the newborn or the baby of resource cash of parents in the field of physical culture remains poor studied. A content and structure of that how to increase level of physical culture of parents, structure of means of physical training and conditions of their effective application are not clear yet.

    pdf shcherbina2013_4.pdf  (860 Kb)