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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology» The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University.
Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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#1 / 2007

Pedagogical Sciences

E.G. Malinochka A situational - functional nature of educational mutual activity
T.N. Poddubnaya Components of social protection of the childhood in a region: the conceptual approach (using an example of the Adygheya Republic)
E.A. Buzarova and T.N. Chetyz Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of children of the senior preschool and younger school age
N.V. Kabayan and N.N Valueva The modern state of a system of additional education in the Adygheya Republic
T.N. Poddubnaya Training of experts in social protection of the childhood in conditions of higher school: experience and results

Psychological Sciences

S.V. Bedenko The analysis of a phenomenon of manipulation from a position of the valuable – semantic approach

#4 / 2007

General and Social Pedagogy

Z.K. Meretukova Problem education as means of realization of the unity of didactics and dialectics
A.M. Doronin and D.A. Romanov Classification of didactic processes
Z.K. Meretukova and A.R. Chinazirova On a didactic principle of scientific character and scientific outlook in a context of a post-nonclassical scientific picture of the world
A.M. Doronin and D.A. Romanov Complex pedagogical systems
Z.K. Meretukova The scientific-methodological device of pedagogical researches
M.E. Paatova Pedagogical rehabilitation of minor offenders in conditions of close institutions
À.Ð. Chinazirova On innovational ideas in I.Y. Lerner's didactic heritage (Dedicated to the 90th anniversary and to memory of the scientist).
N.A. Orlova Integration of theory and practice in the field of physical training
Z.K. Ferkhatova Chishmay Pshunelov – the high-school student, the teacher, the educator and the publicist (the pre-revolutionary period of life and activity)
G.N. Dubogryzova Problems of musical education in pedagogical works of the 1920s
V.P. Shram Realization of students’ academic freedoms in a system of education
E.B. Ptushchenko An adaptive system of formation of professional information-technological competence in a specialist for improvement of the quality of education
R.A. Magomadova Formation of social orientation of the future teacher in the educational environment of higher school
Z.R. Anchokova Formation of aesthetic culture of the future teacher in educational system of the State University (using the Faculty of National Philology and Culture of the Adyghe State University as an example)
F.I. Blieva Structure of professional subjective position of the future expert
N.O. Baranukova Theoretical aspects of creative self-development of the person
Z.T. Pshikanokova Social – legal protection of the childhood
O.D. Lukyanenko Providing an effective feedback in didactic information interaction between the teacher and the child aged 6-7 years
A.P. Zaitseva Continuous vocational training of teachers for institutions of additional education
S.M. Khachetlov Control for quality of education of pupils in conditions of rural social-cultural complex
Z.G. Abubakarov Optimization of civil socialization of students in educational system of higher school
O.I. Uzdinova Conception of school risk factors as a theoretical-methodological basis of innovational transformations in modern system of school education (valeological and pedagogical aspects)
A.F. Penno Formation of extreme abilities of cadets – pilots during parachute-saving training
L.N. Kotrutsa Formation of patriotic consciousness of pupils in conditions of modern school

Technique and Technologies of Teaching

M.H. Shkhapatseva Intersubject and interlevel relations in linguistic-methodical training of the teacher of primary classes
B.M. Dzhandar Specific features of teaching the grammar of the English oral speech of pupils at national (Adyghe) school
I.M. Kozlov, M.H. Kodzheshau Estimation of specific features of biomechanical structure of football player movements
R.R. Magomedov The elementary biomechanical analysis of professionally-guided movement plastics of students – choreographers
G.B. Luganskaya and A.V. Lysenko Estimation of the student concert performance in an instrumental class as a means of optimization of educational process in higher school
L.S. Tlyusten Phonetic-graphic foundations of teaching Russian spelling to pupils in Adyghe primary schools
L.M. Pazova Concept of various language levels as a condition of studying polysemy by younger pupils
F.K. Urakova Trough and basic concepts promoting teaching construction of the text
D.D. Zhazheva Specific difficulties in mastering the Russian phraseology caused by a correlation of phraseological system of Russian and native languages
I.V. Makrushina Pedagogical conditions of formation of ecological consciousness at the future teachers of safety of life and activity
S.A. Khazova Formation of bases of professional experience at the future specialists in physical training and sports by means of application of game methods of training
Y.A. Ioakimidi Components of a professional orientation of the future specialist in physical training and sports and their development
A.R. Mamiy Influence on the movement program at performance of a standing jump
Z.Z. Mamysheva On cognitive and pedagogical functions of proverbs and sayings in the process of formation of the younger pupil’s person
A.A. Daurov Application of new information technologies to teaching and educational process at secondary school providing general education
S.B. Elipkhanov Training of young men at judo lessons for service at the call of the Armed Forces
A.A. Ovsova Formation of pedagogical skill at specialists in physical training and sports at gymnastics lessons
G.I. Polshina Children motivation to engage in sports at a stage of initial sports training
G.V. Berezhnoy Development of physical qualities in 14-16 years-old pupils, with the use of means and methods of training according to A.A. Kadochnikov’s system (“Russian style” of hand-to-hand fight)
A.G. Moiseeva From professional-applied physical training to formation of professional-applied physical culture
H.S. Uzhbanokov Use of conditions of middle mountain topography in training sportsmen – orientators


A.A. Yurina Methodological and theoretical aspects of investigating a scientist’s professional mentality
N.V. Petrova Psychological and pedagogical essence of research culture of the person
I.V. Detkova The attitude of accentuated teenagers to educational activity
S.K. Bagadirova Specific features of studying steadiness to stresses in sportsmen-judoists
E.Y. Shchebanets Correlation of psychological support and psychological escort during the psychological help rendered to parents and to children with deviations in development
A.A. Fedoseeva Social-pedagogical correction of criminal subculture