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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology» The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University.
Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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#1 / 2006

Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences and Problems of Training the Pedagogical Staff

K.I. Buzarov An integrative orientation in activities of Scientific School “Acute problems of national school in the Northern Caucasus” in a retrospective show and its future tasks
K.B. Semenov Braking methods in traditions and customs of the Karachaev people
A.S. Koichueva On new approaches to the formation of social-significant valuable orientations of the person
B.K. Dzhabatyrova Setting up and developing of a system of gymnasia education in the Caucasus and its influence on the ethnic-cultural medium
L.N. Kubashicheva Psychotherapeutic aspects of education in national pedagogy of the Adyghes
Z.K. Meretukova Problematic training as means of realization of the unity of didactics and dialectics
M.R. Kudaev, M.B. Bogus, M.K. Kyatova A system of educational and cognitive tasks in studying the humanities
N.V. Kovaleva Subjective identity as the integrated characteristic of the person
M.H. Shkhapatseva Communications in a mirror of psycholinguistics
L.V. Krasnova Psychosocial functions of shyness
S.Y. Kobleva The consideration of age psychological features of senior pupils

#2 / 2006

Pedagogical Sciences

Z.K. Meretukova Methodological mistakes in psy-chological and pedagogical researches and in publications
E.B. Ptushchenko An adaptive methodical system as a system-forming component in the modern conditions of teaching
Zh.I. Shorova On studying modern pedagogical technologies of teaching chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences
N.V. Kabayan and O.S. Kabayan The discipline “General Biology” in a system of professional Natural Science education
L.R. Chitao A system of evaluation: questions of the theory
Z.K. Ferkhatova Adyghe educator-humanist C.T.Pshunelov and problems of children education
V.V. Zaiko The essence of level differentiation and conditions of its realization in teaching younger pupils to solve text tasks

Psychological Sciences

A.A. Yurina The influence of personal characteris-tics of the subject of creative activity on productivity of creative achievements
Chitao I.A. Psychological factors in teaching the higher form pupils to dialogical speech

#3 / 2006

Pedagogical Sciences

R.A. Kirgueva Idea of integrated approach during training, education and development as a methodological reference point in a creative heritage of Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician V.E.Gurin
M.Z. Kremenko An information model of the pupil
Z.K. Bguasheva On a problem of familiarizing of preschool children to national culture
A.A. Khuako A modern line of social protection of children-orphans and children who have stayed without care of parents in the Adygheya Republic
Z.K. Bguasheva and M.A. Aslanova Experience in designing and modelling of regional education systems in the Russian Federation
L.V. Shelekhova On professional developing of the future teacher as a subject of personality-oriented education
A.N.Blyagoz Specific features of development of speech of pupils with general underdeveloped speech
M.M. Agerzhanokova Theoretical foundations of technology of module education
L.M. Shovgenova Ceremonies and traditions in family education
L.A. Domracheva and V.A. Bogus Algorithmization of teaching as one of the methods of realization of intra-subject connections in studying mathematics
S.Y. Kobleva and A.Y. Kobleva Individualization in teaching foreign language as a condition of improvement of quality of education
T.N. Poddubnaya Social protection of the childhood: a correlation of concepts

Problems of Psychology

A.S. Sharudilova Socialization of teenagers in conditions of a personality-oriented education system
E.N. Panchenko A system of profession-oriented work in the Department “Social Pedagogy”
A.V. Leontieva and A.S. Sharudilova Empirical research of psychological difficulties in teenagers

#4 / 2006

Pedagogical Sciences

T.N. Poddubnaya Social realities of the childhood in Russia: a regional aspect
L.N. Kubashicheva Humanistic foundations of the Adyghes national pedagogy
G.B. Luganskaya Nonconventional knowledge of essence of the person in curator educational work at higher school
L.V. Shelekhova On a personal paradigm in education
L.H. Tseeva A national-regional aspect in education of children of preschool age
V.P. Shram Academic freedoms in a system of specialist training at higher school
N.N. Kraft Independent work as the means of self-development of students
L.I. Tereshchenko and Z.I. Shorova On experience in teaching natural sciences at high school with the use of modern pedagogical technologies
N.V. Kabayan and N.P. Edygova Generalization of experience in organizing and conducting practices at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Psychological Sciences

S.Y. Kobleva and R.M. Koblev Psychological linguistics and valuable orientations of the person