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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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Key words:

#3 / 2006

Pedagogical Sciences

  • R.A. Kirgueva
    Idea of integrated approach during training, education and development as a methodological reference point in a creative heritage of Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician V.E.Gurin

    The paper discusses the material of the scientific analysis of separate works of Professor V.E.Gurin in a context of idea of the complex approach to integrated pedagogical process.

    pdf kirgueva2006_3.pdf  (117 Kb)

  • M.Z. Kremenko
    An information model of the pupil

    The paper presents principal propositions of the monitoring constituting an information model of the pupil.

    pdf kremenko2006_3.pdf  (107 Kb)

  • Z.K. Bguasheva
    On a problem of familiarizing of preschool children to national culture

    The paper examines theoretical bases of familiarizing of preschool children to national culture. Pedagogical conditions of the formation of ethics of interethnic communication, knowledge and attitude to the native language, traditions, folklore and history are discussed.

    pdf bguasheva1_2006_3.pdf  (120 Kb)

  • A.A. Khuako
    A modern line of social protection of children-orphans and children who have stayed without care of parents in the Adygheya Republic

    The paper discusses problems of care of orphans in the Adygheya Republic, specificity of rendering social, psychological and pedagogical help to children who have stayed without care of parents and the international adoption as the form of getting settled for children who have stayed without care of parents.

    pdf huako2006_3.pdf  (118 Kb)

  • Z.K. Bguasheva and M.A. Aslanova
    Experience in designing and modelling of regional education systems in the Russian Federation

    This study examines existing concepts and approaches to designing ethnic-cultural-oriented education systems in the Russian Federation.

    pdf bguasheva2_2006_3.pdf  (159 Kb)

  • L.V. Shelekhova
    On professional developing of the future teacher as a subject of personality-oriented education

    The author considers directions of realization of personality-oriented education and substructure of professional developing of the future teacher within the framework of a personal paradigm (cognitive, affective, behavioural).

    pdf shelehova2006_3.pdf  (115 Kb)

  • A.N.Blyagoz
    Specific features of development of speech of pupils with general underdeveloped speech

    The growing public alarm for destinies of children of risk, comprehension of necessity of strengthening a role of school and teachers in protection of their physical, mental and moral health and provision with highgrade education have resulted in the formation of a new direction in school practice, namely a correctional-developing education.

    pdf bliagoz2006_3.pdf  (105 Kb)

  • M.M. Agerzhanokova
    Theoretical foundations of technology of module education

    The paper considers the theory of construction of algorithm and structure of modules for independent creation and application in instructing pupils of elementary school.

    pdf agerzhanokova2006_3.pdf  (169 Kb)

  • L.M. Shovgenova
    Ceremonies and traditions in family education

    This study discusses ceremonies and traditions used in the family personality-oriented education.

    pdf shovgenova2006_3.pdf  (119 Kb)

  • L.A. Domracheva and V.A. Bogus
    Algorithmization of teaching as one of the methods of realization of intra-subject connections in studying mathematics

    The paper is devoted to one of the sections of a technique of teaching mathematics in high school, namely algorithmization of training in mathematics. The teacher achieves purposeful work on realization of flexible system of consecutive steps for transition from ignorance to knowledge through algorithmization of training. Examples are given of the formation of algorithms of work on the contents, search for the decision of a geometrical problem which begin at the first lessons of geometry in form 7, proceed in forms 8 and 9 and at studying stereometry in the senior forms. Thus an intra-subject connection is carried out. An example is given of algorithm of search for the decision of planimetrical task.

    pdf domracheva2006_3.pdf  (257 Kb)

  • S.Y. Kobleva and A.Y. Kobleva
    Individualization in teaching foreign language as a condition of improvement of quality of education

    Improvement of quality of education, including subject education, is the essential problem facing a modern Russian society. The individualization of educational process is one of the major factors promoting the decision of the given problem.

    pdf kobleva2006_3.pdf  (104 Kb)

  • T.N. Poddubnaya
    Social protection of the childhood: a correlation of concepts

    The paper examines the contents and essence of social protection of the childhood, correlation of the basic categories concerning a problem of social protection of the childhood.

    pdf poddubnaia2006_3.pdf  (116 Kb)

    Problems of Psychology

  • A.S. Sharudilova
    Socialization of teenagers in conditions of a personality-oriented education system

    The work considers the problems of socialization of teenagers in conditions of a personality-oriented education system. Necessity of creation in a modern education system of the conditions favorably influencing success in socialization of teenagers is proved.

    pdf sharudilova2006_3.pdf  (106 Kb)

  • E.N. Panchenko
    A system of profession-oriented work in the Department “Social Pedagogy”

    The paper is devoted to specificity of professional work and preparation of the future social teachers and to the organization in this connection of a system of professional orientation.

    pdf panchenko2006_3.pdf  (97 Kb)

  • A.V. Leontieva and A.S. Sharudilova
    Empirical research of psychological difficulties in teenagers

    The paper gives the results of empirical research of teenagers experiencing psychological difficulties. The reasons of these difficulties are revealed. It is underlined that the teenagers experiencing psychological difficulties require special attention of social teachers, psycholo-gists, teachers and parents.

    pdf leonteva2006_3.pdf  (121 Kb)