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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology» The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University.
Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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Topics of the journal
 “The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University, the series “Pedagogy and Psychology”

The subjectof the journal was created in compliance with the mission and objectives of the journal and on the basis of the nomenclature of scientists’ specialties.

The mission of the journalis support of scientific and innovative initiatives in the sphere of educational policy, the theory and practice; publication of the most significant materials and discussions on updating of the maintenance of economical and legal models of pedagogical and psychological education of all levels according to state standards; ensuring extensive public and pedagogical discussion of the most actual problems of science and education.

The scientific directionsof the edition in accordance with branches of sciences:

Pedagogical sciences (13.00.00);

Psychological sciences (19.00.00)

The journal focuses upon scientific and pedagogical, educational and methodical issues. It is intended to a wide range of readers — from scientists, higher school teachers and post-graduate students to undergraduates and students. The journal promotes development of professional researches in the field of pedagogy, psychology, special techniques and technologies of training, physical culture and sport, as well as adjustment and strengthening contacts with foreign and domestic scientists and teachers. The journal covers a wide range of topics. It elucidates topical issues of pedagogical science and education, special techniques of teaching, and training in separate subjects. The journal publishes materials on education, history of pedagogy and education, applied problems of education, informatization and technical ensuring teaching and educational process, modern problems of psychology and physical culture and sport. Special attention is paid to the new, poor-studied topics, to development of methodology of researches in pedagogy and psychology, and to specification of terminology. Among authors of the journal are the Russian and foreign experts, the leading scientists possessing the international popularity, as well as young scientists, and post-graduate students. The journal provides an opportunity of regular publishing the results of scientific researches, and thereby promotes formation of the research teams related to research of specific subjects. Authors of publications can disclose both methodology of problems, and specific scientific and methodical experience in their decision in practice of educational institutions of Russia and other countries. The journal has the headings "General Problems of Pedagogy", "Special Techniques and Technologies of Training", "Modern Problems of Psychology", "Educational Space of Physical Culture and Sport". It is published both as printed and electronic version and is in open access.