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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology» The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University.
Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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#3 / 2010

General Problems of Pedagogy

V.T. Ashchepkov Problems of professional adaptation of beginning lecturers at higher school
E.V. Bibikova Theoretical and methodological bases of communicative competence of the future ecologists speaking another language
N.N. Vertsinskaya, M.A. Krush The system approach to pedagogical correction of the steady negative emotional condition of socially unsuccessful teenagers in the center of the temporal maintenance of minors
O.V. Zamalyadinova The program “health school” in educational process of rural school
E.S. Lukyanenko Efficiency of the supply with information of educational process in training the expert of initial professional education
Z.K. Meretukova Formation of readiness of post-graduate students to understand the essence of empirical and theoretical research
G.R. Murtazina Festival as an education means of aesthetic culture of youth in small cities
A.F. Penno Optimization of process of the future military pilots training to activity in extreme situations
A.Sh. Tkharkakhova Formation of value orientations at pupils in the course of training to a foreign language
R.D. Khunagov Risks of modern higher education in Russia: personal aspect

Special Methods and Teaching Technologies

B.M. Bersirov Formation of linguistic culture at students in the process of teaching them the language
L.V. Gazaeva The basic language mechanisms of Russian and Ossetin languages in formation of the communicative competence
Ya.M.Gergieva Development of coherent written speech: the elementary school
I.A. Ivanov Historical preconditions of the use of logic of rational argumentations in school course of mathematics for forms with extra mathematics lessons of natural-science direction
Z.Z. Ivanova Technique of formation of constructive abilities at the future teachers of initial classes
F.S. Makoeva The communicative content of the course “the Russian Language and the Standard of Speech” in the conditions of Osetin-Russian bilingualism
I.M. Omelnitskaya Use of the category of concreteness/abstractness as the indicator of level of speech development

Modern Problems of Psychology

E.A. Bulgakova Typology of moral views of Russian modern youth according to amoralism criterion
L.M. Dodova Style features of behaviour self-control of the teenagers who are brought up at the Cossack military school
S.V. Zakharov, B.A. Yasko Cruelty in a system of deformations of the person
M.D. Ktenidu Relationship of the parental relation type with indicators of the teenager’s privacy
N.A. Morozova Motivational orientations and a syndrome of burning out of the person
A.A. Orel Want of achievement and identity statuses as psychological mechanisms of self-realization of the person
I.N. Chizhova Reflexivity and aggressive behaviour of prosocial and delinquent teenagers