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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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Article submission guidelines for the publication in the journal "The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University, the series "Pedagogy and Psychology"


The journal accepts articles for the publication related to pedagogical and psychological sciences.

Articles have to be dedicated to actual problems of science, contain accurate statement of the purpose and research problems, the strict scientific argument, generalizations and conclusions which are of interest due to the novelty, the scientific and practical importance.

Articles, which are submitted to editor, pass examination of members of the editorial board and go for the reviewing which is carried out by members of editorial council of the journal – famous experts in the field of knowledge. The article can be rejected by the decision of an editorial board if it doesn't meet the listed requirements.

The manuscripts presented to the journal are estimated proceeding from their scientific contents, but not on a racial, national or sexual sign, an ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs of authors.

The editor, editorial board and editorial council should not open information on the presented manuscript to anybody, except for the corresponding author, reviewers and the publisher.

All manuscripts of articles coming to editorial office are checked for plagiarism elements. Articles containing plagiarism elements are not accepted.


Editorial office asks authors to be guided by the rules given below. The manuscripts presented with violations of the rules are not considered by editorial board.

1. The manuscript of article has to be directed by the organization in which the author (authors) works; an extract from the decision of department or other structural division on the basis of which work was prepared, about the recommendation of work to the publication; a recommendation of the scientist who bears responsibility for publication of the presented material and its scientific reliability. The receipt on payment of publishing services is attached to the manuscript.

2. The article should contain 3 or 4 pages for Candidate’s and 5 or 6 pages for Doctor’s theses.

4. The text of article has to be carefully edited and signed by all authors. In the beginning of the article, UDC, BBK and author's sign are specified. Before a text statement the author has to give the abstract, keywords (no more than 10) in the Russian and English languages, as well as the translation of the title of the article and a surname of the author into English. The abstract has to include the characteristic of the main subject, problem of the scientific article, the purpose of work and its results.

4. The text of article is printed on white paper through 1 interval on one side of a standard sheet of the A4 format, with margins of 2.5 cm. The text is justified on width, a paragraph space is 1.25 cm. Times New Roman font, 12th size. The text and graphic material are provided in duplicate. Repetition of the same data in the text, tables and diagrams is inadmissible. Figures have to be black-and-white, shaped, executed accurately, in the format providing clarity of transfer of all details. Each figure has to be followed by the caption irrespective of whether there is its description in the text.

5. The list of the used literature is provided at the end of article.

6. Data on authors are attached to the manuscript (a full name, an academic degree, an academic status, a position, an affiliation (in detail, without abbreviations), the postal index, the address, contact phone, the fax and e-mail of each coauthor). Post-graduate students should present in addition information on the research supervisor, and doctoral candidates, information on the scientific consultant (a full name, an academic status, an academic degree, a position, and an affiliation).

7. The electronic version on a CD disk is attached to the printed copy of article: files with text in the Microsoft Word format (the text, the abstract and keywords in the Russian and English languages, captions to figures and authors’ data). The name of the file has to begin with surname of the first author in Latin alphabet (for example, Ivanov.doc (rtf), each figure in a separate file (for example, IvanovFig.1.gif etc.).

8. Return of the manuscript to completion does not mean that article is accepted for printing. After obtaining the modified text the manuscript is considered by an editorial board again. The author has to return the modified text with the original version of article, as well as to answer all remarks.

9. Articles which are not accepted to the publication are not sent to authors, and motivated refusal goes to the author. Articles rejected by the editorial board are not considered repeatedly.

10. Arrangement of text. In writing mathematical and chemical formulas it is necessary to use 12 pt. Letters of the Latin alphabet are printed in the italics, letters of the Greek and Russian alphabets, in a direct font.

11. When using abbreviations in the text it is necessary to give their interpretation. It is necessary to be limited to the standard abbreviations and to avoid the new ones without sufficient grounds on that.

12. At a choice of units of measure it is recommended to be guided by the international system of SI.

13. Number of a source in the list of references is specified in square brackets in the text at the end of sentence before the point, with indication of a serial number of the reference and page. Example of references to sources in the text is [1: 23], [2: 45], [3:15], etc. The list of references should contain only those sources which are cited in the text. References to unpublished works are not allowed. For books: surname and author's initials, full name of the book, edition place, publishing house, year, volume or number, total of pages. For periodicals: surname and author's initials, name of article, title of the journal, year of the edition, volume, number, first and last pages of article.

14. Requirements to the illustrations produced by authors. We ask authors to provide only graphic files of figures.

15. The payment for the publication of articles is not taken from post-graduate students. Doctoral candidates, post-graduate students and competitors of the Adyghe State University have the prime right for the publication of articles. The publication of articles of teachers and post-graduate students of the Adyghe State University is carried out at the expense of own means of university. On the basis of the Agreement for the edition of the scientific article the authors, who are not working in the Adyghe State University, pay compensation expenses for the publication of article, external reviewing and editing (translation) of the English text of the abstract, keywords and the list of references. One copy of the journal which is given out to the author is included in the price of publishing services. Additional information on payment of the publication of articles for the persons who are not working in the Adyghe State University can be received at members responsible for the series of the journal.