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Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»
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#1 / 2007

Pedagogical Sciences

  • E.G. Malinochka
    A situational - functional nature of educational mutual activity

    The structure of a situation of educational process (a lesson, educational action etc.) and the structure of its functional system are offered. Their unity and a correlation “the subject - objective connections” are shown. The analysis and construction of the process according to this scheme can be used in student teaching and in science for construction of structure of scheduled and carried out educational action and its research.

    pdf malinochka2007_1.pdf  (164 Kb)

  • T.N. Poddubnaya
    Components of social protection of the childhood in a region: the conceptual approach (using an example of the Adygheya Republic)

    In the paper, the author offers a concept of a regional model of social protection of the childhood in the Adygheya Republic, criteria and parameters of definition of social security of children in the region and the complex of organizational-pedagogical conditions for effective realization of the regional model of minors social protection.

    pdf poddubnaya1_2007_1.pdf  (400 Kb)

  • E.A. Buzarova and T.N. Chetyz
    Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of children of the senior preschool and younger school age

    The authors investigate the process of intensive intellectual development at younger school age, development of intelligence, intellectualization of all aspects of mental development, their comprehension and randomness and the development of memory.

    pdf buzarova2007_1.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • N.V. Kabayan and N.N Valueva
    The modern state of a system of additional education in the Adygheya Republic

    The paper presents some results of research of the modern state of additional ecological education in the Adygheya Republic. The authors disclose municipal and republican levels of the organization of additional ecological education. Conclusions are given basing on the results of questionnaire among teachers of the Republican Ecological-Biological Centre.

    pdf kabayan2007_1.pdf  (192 Kb)

  • T.N. Poddubnaya
    Training of experts in social protection of the childhood in conditions of higher school: experience and results

    The paper is devoted to a substantiation of the author's program of vocational training of experts - social teachers and social workers - to activities in social protection of the childhood in conditions of higher school. The paper contains results of approbation of the program obtained on the basis of the distinguished criteria and parameters of professional readiness of experts to activities in social protection of the childhood.

    pdf poddubnaya2_2007_1.pdf  (332 Kb)

    Psychological Sciences

  • S.V. Bedenko
    The analysis of a phenomenon of manipulation from a position of the valuable – semantic approach

    The paper discusses the importance of studying the influence of valuable-semantic relations of the person on his dialogue with other people. Works of Russian and foreign researchers are analyzed.

    pdf bedenko2007_1.pdf  (145 Kb)