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#2 / 2013

General Problems of Pedagogy

  • M.V. Dikalova
    Professional readiness of teachers for distance learning of disabled children

    This paper deals with the formation of readiness of teachers to implement remote technologies in education of disabled children. The work shows the essence of distance learning as a system of the organization of purposeful interaction of teachers and pupils, describes specifics of their educational activity, gives the characteristic of model of distance learning, as well as defines the essence and structure of teacher readiness for realization of distance learning.

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  • E.A. Efimova
    Employer in the university system of educational quality management

    The paper shows the necessity of employers’ participation in the university system of educational quality management. An analysis is made of the character of interactions between employers and university stakeholders (students and lecturers). The main features and forms of employers’ participation in the working out and realization of general educational programs are given. Besides, the author describes the employers’ functions on different steps of university educational quality management.

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  • M.V. Zhivoglyad, V.A. Petkov
    Future teachers training for work on the ethnic socialization of teenagers

    The developed social situation in the Russian society becomes a nutrient medium to develop and display interethnic intensity that turns people into subjects of intolerance in relation to representatives of other ethnic groups. Therefore studying a process of ethnic socialization is especially topical in multiethnic regions of Russia. This paper discloses the main intrinsic characteristics of ethnic socialization and its functions, shows its significance in formation of the ethnocultural identity of teenagers and possibilities of pedagogical support in ethnic socialization of teenagers, as well as defines the conceptual bases of future teachers training to work on ethnic socialization of teenagers. The made analysis of factors allowed the authors to reveal and to experimentally confirm the conditions of formation of readiness of the teacher to interact with teenagers of various nationalities. The paper demonstrates the features and the content of ethnocultural training of future teachers, the ways of design of pedagogical model and technology, the main stages of this process, the criteria and diagnostic tools of development efficiency of students’ readiness to work on ethnic socialization of teenagers.

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  • N.V. Kaguy
    Modelling of pedagogical preschool childhood system on the cross-cultural bases in the conditions of early bilingual education of global society: the way of the child entry to the global value and standard system

    The paper proves the need to modify the modern education system in compliance with the globalization challenges. The author proposes to consider thematic and didactic filling of cultural enrichment of preschool children in the conditions of early bilingual education as the means of early socialization of the child. Special attention is paid to allocation of conceptual culturological approaches. The multicultural approach, based on a cross-cultural paradigm as new ontology of modern language education of global society, is considered to be the basic. The work presents the complete system of modeling of pedagogical preschool childhood system on the cross-cultural bases in the conditions of early bilingual education of global society as a way of the child entry to global value and standard system. Theoretical development is confirmed by results of introduction of practice-oriented technology for multicultural education of preschool children in the course of early bilingual education.

    pdf kaguy2013_2.pdf  (261 Kb)

  • T.V. Karpova
    Communication in the context of pupil’s socialization

    The paper deals with the study of socialization and communication in their correlation and interconditionality. Therefore the etymology of socialization is developed, two types of dynamics of innovations in the structure of the social achievement of personhood are determined. Based on the study of the leading scientists views, the analysis of socialization conditions and changing the role of communication in that process in different ages of human development are represented by the author of the paper. The necessity of referring communication to the important component of socialization factors is revealed and substantiated. The work also discusses the phenomenology and the laws of the communication, which are of great value for scientific research on the problems of development of the personality and its public interaction with the environment.

    pdf karpova2013_2.pdf  (231 Kb)

  • E.Yu. Lipilina
    Analysis of results of formation of professional and creative abilities of the competitive garment designer

    The paper presents the model of development of professional and creative abilities in future garment designer and results of its experimental approbation. The author characterizes the professional and creative abilities of the garment designer and criteria indicators of their formation. Stages and methods of formation of professional and creative abilities of students are described. The psychological and pedagogical conditions providing efficiency of creative development of the personality in educational process are substantiated.

    pdf lipilina2013_2.pdf  (424 Kb)

  • Z.K. Meretukova, A.R. Chinazirova
    Suggestopedia culture of the teacher as the condition of realization of developing training

    The paper discusses topicality of developing training, essence of the concepts of “suggestiopedia culture”, “asking questions” and their content filling. The authors substantiate the interrelation of culture of a didactic asking questions and realization of the developing potential of problem training. In this connection the authors propose a definition of the concept of “problem training”, its content characteristics and prove correlation of methods of problem training and asking questions from the point of view of a triad “the purpose – value – creative thinking”.

    pdf meretukova2013_2.pdf  (194 Kb)

  • V.A. Petkov, K.V. Shkuropiy
    Genesis of the content of education of territorial colleges at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries

    Results of multi-aspect comprehension of positive historical and pedagogical experience accumulated throughout long forward development of the Russian school are considered as one of the leading factors when updating the content of the general education, including initial, and developing its technological support. System character of modern educational innovations determines reconsideration of both the widely known facts of development of primary education and search of the new facts of the Russian and regional character in history of territorial college, the work with which allows actualization of national school heritage. It has been established that essential impact on selection of the content of elementary education was exerted by the factor of complicated dialectic interaction of the leading social institutes participating in creation of national school. Multidirectional nature of vision of educational mission of national school on the part of a rural community, figures of public and pedagogical movement, elective district council and the state caused wide variable character of the content of elementary education. Scientific and pedagogical, intuitive, skilled and regional tendencies were revealed in development of the content of education in territorial college. It is defined that by the beginning of the 20th century the territorial college had got the status of school of the first step of the general education. It is inferred that the territorial college can be defined as the self-developing type of elementary school which has realized educational inquiries of civil society in its activity.

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    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies

  • F.K. Urakova
    Psychological and pedagogical preparation and modern technologies of students training in professional education at the pedagogy and psychology faculty

    The paper discusses the main problems of psychological and pedagogical students training, prospects of their development, modern technologies of students training in the professional education, allowing mobilization of all resources to increase productivity of the training, conforming to modern national and international requirements. This process is connected with the transition to the new educational standards (FGOS), the methodological basis of which is the person focused paradigm of education. The person-focused system of the higher school led to a multilevelness of student training (a specialist programme, a bachelor degree, a magistracy and post-graduate study). Effective formation of psychological and pedagogical education requires the solution of problems of a methodical orientation. Their topicality is caused by features of the main educational programs of bachelor and master training the bases of which are the credit and modular system and the competence-based approach.

    pdf urakova2013_2.pdf  (216 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology

  • K.S. Kuchmistov
    Psychological factors of the individual involvement in destructive sects: problem statement

    On the basis of the analysis of available sources, the general and most significant criterion for sect disruptiveness is allocated, namely: causing obvious harm to physical and (or) mental health of both sectarians and the people having no relation to sect. This work examines the factors which increase risk of the person entering the sect: the circumstances definitely influencing a mental condition and behavior of the subject, the sect with its various manipulative technologies, as well as individual and psychological features of the person.

    pdf kuchmistov2013_2.pdf  (201 Kb)

  • L.V. Tkhagalizhokova
    Structure and psychological predictors of personal self-determination: problem statement

    The paper discusses the well-known domestic and foreign psychological concepts of self-determination. It is shown that great attention of researchers is paid to professional self-determination in youth. An analysis is made of concepts of moral and economic self-determination in youth. It is inferred that the comprehension of essence, structure, stages and psychological mechanisms of formation of professional self-determination in youth is most developed in psychological researches. Dynamics of this phenomenon during more mature age periods is studied incidentally that complicates allocation of the psychological laws determining this process. No attention is paid by researchers to a studying of influence of new “hero” images of an era and other cultural and historical phenomena on process of self-determination of national, ethnic and regional traditions and stereotypes, as well as allocation of the rod values defining self-determination of the Russian citizen irrespective of his age cohort. These aspects are distinguished as the scientific problem having the high practical and applied importance.

    pdf tkhagalizhokova2013_2.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • B.A. Yasko
    Organizational psychology of education: from theoretical concepts to methodology and methods of research

    The paper discusses the main modern theoretical constructs of organizational psychology, in particular, organizational culture as one of the central categories of organizational psychology. The well-known theoretical justifications of organizational culture and related methodological approaches are allocated. It is shown that traditional adherence of organizational psychologists to problems of industrial psychology finds today deficiency of researches in the field of organizational and psychological processes in the non-productive sphere, in particular, in education. Using an example of organizational culture of city and rural schools, the author shows that results of such researches allow disclosure of organizational and psychological reserves and resources, leaning on which strategic management can see not only a situation “here and now”, but, which is not less important, prospects of the dynamics of organizational processes and consequently, to purposefully structure the joint activity within the concrete organizations.

    pdf yasko2013_2.pdf  (291 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports

  • Zh.G. Anikienko
    Model of phisical training for student girls of universities, using means of fitness on the basis of consideration of their physical state

    The paper substantiates a model of the physical education for student girls of the universities, using the means of fitness, on the basis of individual approach to physical qualities level. Pedagogical expediency of the model is ensured by inclusion of design elements in its content, technologies of determination of physical preparedness, differentiation methods of fitness means, as well as a system for control and correction of content and technological aspects of educational process.

    pdf anikienko2013_2.pdf  (338 Kb)

  • E.V. Demchenko
    The comparative analysis of physical development and coordination abilities of almost healthy and hard of hearing children of younger school age living in the Adyghea Republic

    The hearing disorder is negatively reflected in the child’s activity. It greatly influences the physical development and level of coordination abilities. In order to develop a technique of rehabilitation riding occupations with children having a hearing disorder, we carried out the comparative analysis of physical development and coordination abilities of hard of hearing children and their almost healthy contemporaries. Also we have revealed lags of hard of hearing children in all studied parameters that actualizes a problem of physical training of children with this touch deprivation.

    pdf demchenko2013_2.pdf  (398 Kb)

  • I.I. Shtefanenko
    Influence of the level of group development and behaviour strategy in conflict situations on emotional burnout in handball teams

    This work is focused on the characteristics of emotional burnout in team sports. The paper shows the influence of the development level of sports teams and strategies of behavior in conflict situations in the course of burnout in them. The paper presents the indicators of three handball teams and analysis of the relationship of these parameters to each of the teams. The resulting statistics shows that a combination of factors affects the emotional burnout. Those include the level of group development and strategy of behavior in conflict situations. A combination of factors which enhance some parameters of burnout for each sports team is specific. Consequently, forecasting the development of emotional burnout in each team requires an analysis of its social and psychological characteristics.

    pdf shtefanenko2013_2.pdf  (221 Kb)