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#4 / 2005

Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences and Problems of Training the Pedagogical Staff

  • F.A. Apish
    Correlation of motives and needs: the theoretical analysis of scientific approaches

    The paper examines various approaches to the definition of the basic motivational components: motives and needs. Works of both Russian and foreign researchers are analyzed.

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  • F.A. Apish
    Planning of the contents of a teaching material and the formation of motivation of educational activity of students

    The formation and development of motivation of educational activity is one of the complicated pedagogical problems. The decision of the problem depends on some psychological and pedagogical conditions. The paper examines the opportunity of development of educational motivation through the contents of education. Special attention is given to rational use of motivational opportunities of the contents of a teaching material during its planning.

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  • A.M. Bedanokova
    Educational potential of the Adyghe folklore

    Today special attention is necessary to turn to the Adyghe folklore promoting education of rising generation in spirit of patriotism, humanism, honesty and courage, diligence and humane mutual relations between people, modesty and respect for the grown-up.

    pdf bedanokova2005_4.pdf  (143 Kb)

  • S.V. Bedenko
    Researches of influence of manipulation orientations of the person during a dialogue on his sociometrical status in a group

    The author identifies basic theoretical approaches for the definition of the concept of “manipulation” and gives the results of the researches directed on studying the dependence of the sociometrical status of the person in a group on his manipulation orientations. Respondents with a high level of Machiavellism were revealed to have high sociometrical status by gnostic and communicative criteria.

    pdf bedenko2005_4.pdf  (145 Kb)

  • I.N. Markowa
    Specificity of artistic speech as a psychological factor of intensification of teaching Russian

    This article is dedicated to students' work with literary texts. Advice and recommendations on shaping spiritual perception and expressive manner of transfer of Russian classics' artistic speech to the audience are given in it.

    pdf markova1_2005_4.pdf  (157 Kb)

  • I.N. Markowa
    Russian culture in the adaptation process of foreign students

    This article is devoted to the role of language in cultural adaptation of foreign students. The problem of mutual understanding, elimination of language barrier and acquirement of communicative skills in conditions of polymorphism of cultures is examined in it.

    pdf markova2_2005_4.pdf  (150 Kb)

  • N.O. Mitrova
    Social project as way of forming communicative competence of university students

    Key notions of communikative competence and ways of its formation in university students working at socially significant projects.

    pdf mitrova2005_4.pdf  (134 Kb)

  • L.S. Aseikina
    Frustrational tolerance as a competence of the teacher and the student in teaching russian as a foreign language

    The problem of origin of frustrations arising in educational process is examined during the process of adaptation of social environment and in interpersonal interaction. The necessity of the teacher of Russian as a foreign language, and of foreign students studying at the preparatory department to frustrations is actualized from the position of competent approach.

    pdf asejkina1_2005_4.pdf  (175 Kb)

  • L.S. Aseikina
    Creation of frustrational tolerance of foreign students at the elentary level education from the competent approach position

    Conditions and levels of creating the competence of tolerance to frustrations, arising at interaction of a person with social environment, and also interpersonal and interethnic relations are examined. Set of characteristics of the person having the competence of frustrational tolerance is submitted.

    pdf asejkina2_2005_4.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • T.N. Chetyz
    Problem of continuity of training of children of preschool and younger school age: working aspect

    Clause is devoted to realization of a principle of continuity between preschool education and elementary school by means of designing educational and game activity of children of the grown-up preschool, which forms the basis for the further formation of educational activity at learning elementary schools. As the basic method the designing is considered.

    pdf chetyz2005_4.pdf  (204 Kb)