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#3 / 2012

General Problems of Pedagogy

  • V.G. Bazhenov
    Age features of interaction as a factor of socialization of the teenager’s personality

    The paper discusses age features of teenagers’ mental development which should be taken into account in the course of the organization of interaction of these children for the purpose of personality socialization.

    pdf bazhenov2012_3.pdf  (331 Kb)

  • S.N. Begidova, T.N. Poddubnaya
    Professional subject position as a component of the student’s professional development

    The paper discusses the essence and the content of a professional subject position through the definitions of “a personality’s position”, “relation”, “self-determination” and “subjectness”. The theoretical analysis of interrelations available between them allowed the authors to prove a professional position of the student as the integral component of his professional development.

    pdf begidova1_2012_3.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • S.N. Begidova, S.A. Khazova, V.G. Mozgot
    Development of the competitive pupil’s personality as a target of system of the general education

    The paper proves the importance of development of the competitive personality in system of the general education. The authors examine the essence, structure and the content of social competitiveness of the pupil’s personality as the basis of development of professional competitiveness of future experts. This study provides scientific and methodical recommendations about the organization of competitive developing educational process in educational institution.

    pdf begidova2_2012_3.pdf  (244 Kb)

  • K.I. Buzarov
    The system approach as a methodological principle of creation of the educational school system (theoretical aspect)

    The present paper discloses the methodological value of a system approach to education. The author examines the essence of the system approach as a methodological orienting point in educational process.

    pdf buzarov2012_3.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • N.H. Vorokova, N.Kh. Khakunov, L.N. Kubashicheva
    Formation of moral value orientations in college pupils through modelling of problematic life situations

    The pilot and forming experiments were conducted to reveal pedagogical conditions and means and to work out the algorithm of application of life experience in order to form moral value orientations in pupils of the college. The effective, reproduced and universal model of formation of moral value orientations in pupils of college was developed through the solution of problematic life situations.

    pdf vorokova2012_3.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • T.D. Gomonova
    The essence and structure of multicultural competence at students of higher education institutions

    The paper discusses the essence and structure of multicultural competence at students of higher education institutions. The multicultural competence of students of higher education institutions is defined as an integrative quality of the future professional’s personality required for an everyday life and professional activity in multicultural society.

    pdf gomonova2012_3.pdf  (287 Kb)

  • N.G. Emuzova
    Innovative activity as the development resource of the regional education system

    An analysis is made of the main directions of innovative development of a regional system. The author discusses the experience in organization of innovative activity in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, examines results of competition of innovative products (projects) and formulates the proposals allowing the improvement of innovative activity in the region.

    pdf emuzova2012_3.pdf  (183 Kb)

  • O.S. Kabayan
    A system approach to development of tolerant culture in biological education

    The paper shows the role of biological education in tolerance development. The author proves that formation of biological literacy is needed to develop the tolerant culture. The importance of use of the system approach to develop the tolerant culture in biological education is substantiated.

    pdf kabayan2012_3.pdf  (259 Kb)

  • L.P. Kochenkova
    Multicultural teacher and his training in the university

    The paper reveals the essence of multicultural nature as an integral quality of the contemporary teacher and provides the components that make up the model of multicultural teacher.

    pdf kochenkova2012_3.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • V.A. Petkov
    Organization of self-development of physical potential at students of higher education institution

    The paper discusses the content of activity related to the organization of self-development of potential physical possibilities at students. The author proves scientifically one of the ways of its decision, namely: design of self-development of physical potential which is logically transformed to process of professional physical self-education of the student. Indicators of efficiency of the developed approach are the positive changes which have occurred in sports competence of students.

    pdf petkov2012_3.pdf  (215 Kb)

  • T.D. Skudnova
    Synergetic conception of the social and cultural design in education

    An analysis is made of the modern situation in the humanities education. The author substantiates the philosophical conception of synergetic value-guided approach in education and gives base characteristics of social and cultural planning in education.

    pdf skudnova2012_3.pdf  (202 Kb)
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  • F.P. Khakunova, M.A. Kozlovskaya
    Pedagogical conditions of development of art perception at fine art lessons

    The paper substantiates the pedagogical conditions of development of art perception at pupils of 5-6 classes. Results of the carried out experimental researches are presented.

    pdf khakunova2012_3.pdf  (245 Kb)

  • F.F. Kharisov, L.A. Kharisova
    Assessment of the healthcare educational technologies in system of the general education

    The paper descibes criteria and techniques of an assessment of the healthcare educational technologies for their subsequent use in educational system of school.

    pdf kharisov2012_3.pdf  (165 Kb)

  • G.Z. Kharkovskaya, K.D. Chermit, O.I. Isakov
    A model of state and public management of activity of the municipal education system (as shown by the education system of Krasnodar)

    The paper substantiates the purpose, criteria and structural components of the model of state and public management of activity of a municipal education system on the basis of decisions taken by the governement and education bodies. Their hierarchy is defined and its efficiency is experimentally proved.

    pdf kharkovskaya2012_3.pdf  (417 Kb)

  • L.Kh. Tseeva, V.V. Zayko, B.Kh. Panesh
    Social and personal development of younger age children in the conditions of multicultural educational space

    The special importance for the multinational country is gained by constant need of society for education of the personality capable to activity in modern multiethnic conditions. Increasing attention to problems of socialization is related to the change of sociopolitical and social and economic living conditions, as well as to instability in society. The paper discusses the model of adaptable multicultural educational space constituting social and personal development of children of the advanced preschool and younger school age.

    pdf tseeva2012_3.pdf  (186 Kb)

    Special Methods and Teaching Technologies

  • Kh.Z. Bagirokov
    The accounting of the interference in the course of training to Russian at Adyghean school (lexical-semantic level)

    This work examines lexical-semantic interferent deviations in speech of pupils of the Adyghean national school, elimination of which promotes increasing culture of their Russian speech.

    pdf bagirokov1_2012_3.pdf  (240 Kb)

  • Z.U. Blyagoz
    Mutual enrichment of languages and cultures of the different people, the role of foreign elements, methods and ways of their use in the Russian and Adyghean speech of younger pupils

    This paper examines the mutual enrichment of structural-semantic elements at contact of languages with the different systems and formation of culture of the Russian and Adyghean speech at bilingualists in the multiethnic and multicultural environment.

    pdf blyagoz1_2012_3.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • L.N. Gorobets
    “The project method” as the pedagogical technology

    The work discloses the modern comprehension of the didactic concept of “the project method”. An analysis is made of the approaches to study the structure of this technology. The author provides his own comprehension, which is confirmed by teaching practice in higher education institution.

    pdf gorobets2012_3.pdf  (289 Kb)

  • B.M. Dzhandar, M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    Educational situation as a basis of communicative and situational teaching Russian as a foreign language

    Systematically purposely created situations are of great importance for formation of communicative competence in another language since they promote emergence of motive and need to speak, help promotion of hypotheses and assumptions, strengthen cogitative activity and approach the learning process to natural speech communication.

    pdf dzhandar1_2012_3.pdf  (220 Kb)

  • A.Kh. Zagashtokov, L.I. Lieva
    Teaching grammatical aspect of the Russian verb at different stages of school education (from material of the kabardian school)

    This paper discusses the method of teaching the grammatical aspect of a Russian verb at different stages of school education (using materials of the Kabardian School). This piece of work develops the main idea of the article “Theory and practice of teaching the grammatical aspect of a Russian verb at primary and secondary school”, which was published in 2010 in a journal “The cultural life of the South of Russia”. The main practical results of the conducted investigations are studied in this work. The obtained results prove the effectiveness of the used methodology.

    pdf zagashtokov2012_3.pdf  (237 Kb)

  • D.A. Tatarinov
    On the use of intersubject links of mathematics and physics in complementary education of pupils

    Intersubject links are the important factor of formation of a complete natural-science picture of the world at pupils. Owing to this the establishment of intersubject links in teaching disciplines of a natural and mathematical cycle is urgent at all stages of the learning process. Use of group studies promotes removal of intersubject links of mathematics and physics on level of synthesis of these disciplines. The author of this paper has developed and approved a technique of group studies with pupils of 5-6 classes, realizing intersubject links. Approbation was held on the basis of physical and mathematical school of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Both the technique and the approach, on which it is based, have serious scientific and pedagogical prospects.

    pdf tatarinov2012_3.pdf  (191 Kb)

  • F.K. Urakova, Z.R. Khachmafova
    Analysis of the art text as a way of formation of discourse and culturological competences in teaching Russian as a foreign language

    The perception and processing of the art text in the other language is considered as a cognitive process. The cognitive component of the contents of the text reflects a reality fragment in its refraction in consciousness of the subjects, correlated with the concrete sociocultural environment and a plan of the author. In this regard the process of updating the cognitive schemes of the reader in the course of reading such text is described in detail.

    pdf urakova1_2012_3.pdf  (209 Kb)

  • M.Kh. Shkhapatseva
    Interference and interaction of contacting languages in the learning process in modern conditions of bilingualism

    The paper addresses the problems related to language teaching in modern conditions of bilingualism. The main attention is given to interaction and interference of contacting languages in the learning process. The author shows the methodical principles of teaching languages in the conditions of bilingualism and the possible transposition and interference of the native language in the course of studying the Russian language.

    pdf shkhapatseva1_2012_3.pdf  (191 Kb)

    Modern Problems of Psychology

  • M.S. Kaydina
    Social intelligence and emotional burning out of teachers of special high education institutions

    The paper addresses a topical issue about resources of overcoming emotional burning out of teachers of special high education institutions. Research objective is to study social intelligence as a factor of teachers’ resistance to stress. Special objectives are to carry out a pilot study of a level of development of social intelligence and emotional burning out; and to study interrelation of social intelligence and features of teachers’ burning out. The object of research is a level of development of social intelligence. The subject of research is an influence of social intelligence on features of teachers’ emotional burning out. The research has revealed the return interrelation of level of social intelligence and teachers’ emotional burning out.

    pdf kaydina2012_3.pdf  (314 Kb)

  • A.S. Raspopova
    The influence of psychological training on the formation of structural manifestations of perfectionism in sport

    The paper shows the influence of psychological training on the formation of structural manifestations of perfectionism in sport. The author presents the indicators of perfectionism, personal properties and the results of analysis of the relationship of these parameters before and after training.

    pdf raspopova2012_3.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • Yu.K. Chernyshenko
    Age features of development of mental processes in children aged 3-6 years

    The paper presents data of many-year researches on features of age dynamics of mental processes (thinking, attention, memory, imagination, perception) in 3-6 year-old children. Also it shows the results of studying questions on existence of elements of sexual dimorphism in development of mental processes in preschool children.

    pdf chernyshenko2012_3.pdf  (173 Kb)

  • L.V. Shelekhova, A.A. Panesh
    Ideographic approach to definition of the main types of personal and semantic sphere of students

    The paper presents the criteria device based on an ideographic approach to definition of the main types of the personal and semantic sphere of trainees, corresponding to various styles of learning activity.

    pdf shelekhova2012_3.pdf  (248 Kb)

    Educational Space of Physical Training and Sports

  • S.M. Akhmetov, A.I. Pogrebnoy
    On the condition and prospects of scientific and methodical support for training the Kuban leading athletes

    The paper provides the results of the carried-out scientific and methodical support of training the national teams of Krasnodar Territory in different kinds of sports. The authors show the problematic aspects in the organization of training process and prospects of further improvement of system of training the qualified athletes.

    pdf akhmetov2012_3.pdf  (184 Kb)

  • S.N. Begidova
    Development of motor creativity as a factor of professional competitiveness of the physical training expert

    The paper uncovers the essence of development of motor creativity at students – future experts in physical training and sports. The author proves that there is a connection between the development of creativity in the motor sphere and competitiveness of the expert. Stages of development of motor creativity are described: reproductive, standard and creative. It is inferred that there is the interrelation of impellent and intellectual development of the personality in the sphere of physical training.

    pdf begidova3_2012_3.pdf  (264 Kb)

  • Yu.M. Bosenko
    Gender aspects of stress-controlling behaviour in team and individual types of sport

    This work examines displays of stress-controlling strategies at athletes of team and individual types of sport. It has been revealed that the used stress-controlling strategies are influenced by a gender, sports qualification and by specificity of sports activity.

    pdf bosenko2012_3.pdf  (294 Kb)

  • V.I. Zhukov, A.M. Doronin, I.M. Kozlov
    The use of training devices to develop special force in athletes during the learning and training process

    The paper discusses the conditions increasing productivity of learning and training in sports by using training devices developing special force in athletes.

    pdf zhukov_v_2012_3.pdf  (195 Kb)

  • V.E. Kalnitskaya, A.I. Pogrebnoy
    Binocular synchronous pupillometry in monitoring of the psychofunctional condition of high-qualification athletes

    Observations of 83 high-qualification athletes representing different types of sports, by means of a method of a computer pupillometry, have revealed the qualitative and quantitative parameters of the ÐÌ ïàþùå reflex. These parameters make it possible to estimate a psychofunctional condition, to reveal deviations and to propose rehabilitation actions for athletes.

    pdf kalnitskaya2012_3.pdf  (219 Kb)

  • I.M. Kozlov, R.A. Kadyrkaev
    Muscle activity at figure skaters during special exercises

    The aim of this study is a comparison of muscle activity during two kinds of jumping exercises that young figure skaters do before ice training. For this purpose one high qualification figure skater did 6 jumping exercises. During exercises electrical activity of muscles, acceleration center of body mass, ground reaction force and trajectory of body mass center were evaluated. As a result of research it has been established that the maximum muscle activity is observed at departing from ice and at landing and the minimal muscle activity is marked at flight; interaction with ground in special exercises is of quick character; the consecutive and simultaneous antagonist muscle’s activity is observed during exercises which depend on movement target.

    pdf kozlov2012_3.pdf  (4 Mb)

  • O.B. Nemtsev, M.Kh. Kodzheshau, I.N. Grekalova
    On measuring results of counter movement jump

    The present research focuses upon comparison of results of counter movement jump measured by different methods, including 2-D and 3-D videotaping with different frequency, force plate and moving gage. It has been established that the result of counter movement jump evaluated during flight time by using force plate is significantly less than that measured by other methods. Results measured by different methods have strong correlation. But stronger correlation has been established between results of 3-D videotaping, on the one hand, and force plate and moving gage, on the other hand. Weaker correlation has been observed between results of 2-D videotaping, on the one hand, and 3-D videotaping and force plate, on the other hand.

    pdf nemtsev2012_3.pdf  (234 Kb)

  • N.N. Pilyuk, L.V. Zhigaylova
    Motivation of competitive activity of high-qualification acrobats and jumpers on the trampoline

    Our approach conceives of competitive activity of high qualification acrobats and jumpers on a trampoline as a complete, independent system which has concrete motivation, the contents, results and the process consisting of external and internal sides. The subsystem of motivation consists of the following parts: needs for the competitive relations; motives of the activity; the purposes and tasks which are put by the athlete and the coach, participating in competitions; and strategy and tactics developed proceeding from level of readiness and a rank of competitions. Each part has a composite structure, leading and secondary components which have various degree of interrelation with competitive result. The subsystem of motivation plays one of the principal roles in all system of competitive activity.

    pdf pilyuk2012_3.pdf  (233 Kb)

  • A.A. Fedyakin
    Features of recreational and training effects of nordic walking on the human body

    The paper deals with the relatively new trend of fitness – Nordic walking. The author provides data describing the features of the training effects of Nordic walking compared to those of Terrainkur. The main indicator is the dynamics and the total heart rate during the Terrainkur route passage with sticks and without them.

    pdf fedyakin2012_3.pdf  (421 Kb)

  • V.E. Chursinov
    Definition of the type of the “loading – yielding force impulse” dependence in shock - isotonic and shock - isokinetic modes of muscle operation

    Excentric training in isotonic and isokinetic modes is a unique form of external resistance for learning and training which is created by using an original training complex. This research is made to detect specific features of the dependence of “loading – a yielding force impulse of muscle pull” and skeletal muscles of the person using an example of power exercises in an automated workplace sports in shock - isokinetic and shock - isotonic modes of muscular contraction. The directly-proportional dependence between the size of loading and an impulse of yielding force (with increasing size of loading the impulse of yielding force increases) in competitive sports exercise in shock - isotonic and shock - isokinetic modes was defined for the first time. Also a comparative analysis of the “loading – a yielding force impulse” dependence in shock - isotonic and shock - isokinetic modes of muscle operation in competitive exercises was made for the first time.

    pdf chursinov2012_3.pdf  (389 Kb)

  • M.M. Shestakov
    Technology of the individualization of football player training process and conditions of its realization

    The paper substantiates the technology of an individualization of the football player training process. It is grounded on the accounting of level of readiness, functional condition and competitive activity of individual players defining possibilities of athletes to realize tasks, providing the effective collective activity during a match.

    pdf shestakov2012_3.pdf  (330 Kb)